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We Love
Aotearoa New Zealand,

& want to see it looked after for everyone and generations to come. This means we need to preserve our precious natural capital: freshwater, forests, soil, oceans, estuaries, wetlands, biodiversity and air.
One For Nature is a platform for documenting ongoing changes to our environment, centralising data and visual evidence, exposing greenwashing and growing a community of contributors that will help hold our agencies and corporations accountable. We will also show readers and contributors how to engage with agencies and media to get that accountability, better outcomes and eventually get stronger and better-performing institutions.

Step 1: Upload observation

Upload an image, video (or both) along with a description of what you see.

Step 2: Published on live map

We then publish on a live map and a social feed for all members and the public to see.

Step 3: Accountability.

Highlighting issues through media to mobilise public opinion & drive the changes required.

What Other Says About Us

“Despite the excellent performance of some individuals, our public institutions are going backwards on environmental issues. After years of campaigning I’ve realised visual evidence is HUGE for creating public awareness, holding our leaders accountable and getting major improvements. One For Nature is a tool everyone can use to amplify positive change.”
~ Geoff Reid
“I can see what’s going wrong and I want to help. I have things to offer and I want to join up with people that want to see our institutions doing a better job and be held accountable. One For Nature is hub to create positive action”
~ Angus Robson

Why One For Nature?

Our team has experienced numerous victories and setbacks throughout our own journeys in environmental campaigning. Along the way, we’ve connected with remarkable individuals who share our passion for preserving New Zealand’s natural beauty and raising awareness about emerging threats. We’ve gained valuable insights into effective strategies and the complexities of governance and influence.

Now, we’re committed to sharing our knowledge openly and learning from others. One for Nature serves as a platform for this exchange, empowering everyone who seeks to make a difference. We operate independently, prioritizing practical solutions and honest dialogue, free from political entanglements. Our enduring mission transcends changes in leadership or systems, as we work tirelessly toward a better future for our country, uniting people from all backgrounds and perspectives.

Join us as we strive to protect and restore our environment for generations to come.

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